GENEVA Automn 2018
Arab World and Humanitarian Aid
Between  Challenges and Prospects

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First Annual Humanitarian conference focus on the Arab World specificities
what is AWHA ?
This first world conference will focus exclusively on humanitarian issues related to the Arab world. A Unique experience.
why is unique ?
This first world conference will focus exclusively on humanitarian issues related to the Arab world. A Unique experience.
Why a such conference ?
Terrible tensions exist between the richest and poorest nations in the Arab world. While the richest seek to break their dependence on oil, the poorest are almost all enmeshed in crises: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia. Many in the West view the region as nothing more than a breeding ground for terrorism and the resulting Islamophobia has served as a break on coordinated humanitarian action. Collaboration between East and West has been rare and limited.
Our objectives
Cooperation, Reconciliation, Survival 
AWHA aims to foster unity between East and West as well as innovative and efficient policies through its conferences and its creation of a new think tank. 
AWHA will target humanitarian activists, academics, media opinion makers, and policy makers committed to improving conditions for everyday people in the face of the numerous genocidal crises plaguing the Middle East 
Olivier Le Boulenge
Olivier has worked as a lawyer for 20 years. His field of expertise is humanitarian law, association law and labour law. He is the author of belgian project of law and one european law. Since 2012, he is the CAO of several NGOs. Olivier has created the concept of AWHA with Pascatwoline Braun in 2015.  
His motto : A dream that does not become reality is a dream that has not been dreamed enough. 
Its strengths : 10 ideas per minute, want to go always further, a life made of passion 

Stephen E. Bronner
General Secretary
Chief Organizing Officer
He is Senior Editor of Logos, an interdisciplinary internet journal, member of more than a dozen other edit orial boards, Chair of the Executive Committee of US Academics for Peace and an advisor to Conscience International. He has taken part in missions of civic diplomacy in Darfur, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and elsewhere. He is the author of several political books. His various writings have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Stephen Eric Bronner is the Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University. Professor Bronner is the recipient of many awards.  

Pascaline Braun
Chief Communication Officer
Having a Psychologist training, she saw the birth of the AWHA project. It is therefore natural that she integrates the team by bringing her communication organizational skills. 
His motto : At the impossible no one is held ... but nothing prohibits to try! 
Its strengths : rigor, open-mindedness, knowing how to match the various creativity to the exigencies of the moment. 

Eric Gozlan
He was awarded the National School of Magistracy and worked for many years in the banking sector and in the Council of Europe. Eric has always been interested in social and interfaith relations. He is working in France to work on interreligious dialogue. He has participated in numerous symposia on peace and interreligious dialogue in Korea, Russia, the United States, Bahrain, Belgium, England, Italy, Romania... 
He is the Executive Director of the Union of Peoples for Peace.  

François Goemans
François is a humanitarian expert with 24 years’ experience working in the field and corporate headquarters for NGOs and humanitarian donors in Africa and middle East. He have competencies in management, strategy development, coordination, monitoring and evaluation in conflict crisis and natural disaster response. He is the actual CEO of the international NGO Action Against Hunger.  

When - Where
Every year AWHA will hold a three day conference that will bring together humanitarian aid professionals, academics, media, and policy makers. The first conference will take place in Geneva in Spring 2018 with the title: "Between challenges and prospects". The first two days will involve meet and greets, larger meetings and a host of different panels while the third day will be devoted to a particularly urgent crisis. This year the topic will be refugees. 

AWHA 2018 will be held in Geneva in
Automn 2018
The workshops
We have chosen to propose15 workshops on topics that meet these specifications. 

Far from an academic presentation, each workshop will aim to give participants a maximum of speaking time so that they can exchange their opinions and experiences. 
Refugees day
The explosion of the number of refugees raises crucial questions:  
Should we accept more refugees in Europe or should we block them on the outskirts of the European fortress: Libya, Turkey, Lebanon? 
What is the risk of destabilizing millions of refugees in countries that are at the limit of their capacities? Lebanon has 183 refugees per 1000 inhabitants. 
On the ground, which helps bring? How can we help refugees in failed states like Somalia or Libya? 
How can we intervene without interfering with the policies of the states involved? 
These are the questions that refugees day will try to answer. We wish to provide a starting point for discussion and coordinating new actions.
Humanitarian workers almost always work in the shadows. 
They devote their energy, their time, their enthusiasm to the suffering and the oppressed. 
Their satisfaction comes from having eased the misery of others. 
Often they are also victims of conflict and misunderstanding. 
We want, on the occasion of the AWHA 2018 to award the most remarkable humanitarian work for the past twelve months that has been carried out by humanitarian organizations for and in the Arab world. Prizes will be awarded in different categories. 
They are with us
The AWHA 2018 is organized by the Belgian NGO AWHA (an NGO which brings together Arabs, Europeans and Americans) in collaboration,  with help or symphaty of 14 international NGOs and three universities from Arab countries, Europe and the United States. Many personnalities follow us. 

World Humanitarian Action Forum (WHAF)
We will participate on November 28 at Whaf in London. This conference is built around 3 round tables: 
A. De-risking and financial access: Impact on the work of NGOs 
B. Localization agenda: Sustainable investment and core capacity 
C. Conflicts and crises: Forced migration, coordinated response and protection 
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